Ring Size

Find Your Ring Size

Below are a couple of simple ways to find out your required ring size.

It is important to order your ring in the correct size as some designs will not re-size well and this can lead to future problems if work is not carried out with great care.


Please Note:

Before Printing, make sure that the page scaling is set to “None” in your print options.

Make sure you are printing to standard A4 size paper.

Your ring sizer should be 89.0mm


Option 1: Use ring sizer to measure finger

1. Print and cut out the ring sizer below

2. Wrap the ring sizer around your ring finger with the numbered side visible to you.

3. Take note of the number that appears closest to the slit - That is your ring size.


Option 2: Measure a current ring

1. Select a ring that you have that fits your ring finger or any finger that you intend to wear your finger on.

2. Place the ring over the circles below until the inside of your ring matches a specific circle.

3. If your ring falls between two sizes, order the larger size.


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