Insurance Repairs and Replacements

Insurance Claim Jewellery Replacement Service

Nothing can completely replace the sentimental value of a special piece of jewellery. Should something unfortunate happen such as loss or theft, you would want a new or replacement piece without any problems.

Dia Oro Jewellers are recognised as an expert in the area of jewellery Insurance replacement and valuations and as such offers you a fast, efficient, professional and “hassle” free service. Our service is structured to fit around your busy lifestyle, making the entire process easier and more efficient for you.

Dia Oro Jewellers are experts in the area of insurance replacements and valuations right across Australia. We have over 20 years of experience working with most insurance companies and loss adjustors.

Insurance Claim Quotations

Working with you and your insurance company Dia Oro Jeweller’s highly trained and knowledgeable staff will put together a detailed and accurate quotation to ensure that the amount quoted reflects the true value of the item.

We ensure accuracy through asking you to provide as much information as you can, such as valuations, diamond certification, old photos of the items and detailed descriptions for our team to work with to form an accurate estimate of the value of the items that were lost or stolen.

Insurance Replacement Service

Once your claim is settled it is time to decide whether to recreate the original piece of jewellery, choose a new piece or design a totally new creation.

At every step Dia Oro Jewellers will be there to guide you and help make the process as simple and pleasurable as possible.

If you decide to replace your claimed items from our pre-made jewellery, we are able to present you with a very broad and extensive range of jewellery to enable you to make your selection either in store or online 24 hours a day at

With manufacturing capabilities Dia Oro can recreate your original piece of jewellery or start from scratch to make one-of-a-kind designs that you will value forever.

Dia Oro Jewellers offer both handmade and CAD designed custom made jewellery.

Our handmade jewellery is designed by our highly skilled, professional craftsmen using the highest quality products and made to your specifications. As expert jewellery designers and manufacturers they assist you in creating your own personalised designs and to hand make the jewellery.

The computer-aided design (CAD) software produces very high quality, unique and innovative jewellery designs and allows you to preview your new piece of jewellery as a 3D render before we manufacture. This process guarantees you will receive a piece of jewellery that is as you envisaged it.

All our work is carried out by highly qualified and experienced jewellers, and is fully guaranteed for quality and workmanship.

For piece of mind our customer testimonials are worth seeing.


We specialise in:

  • Assisting you to replace your lost, stolen or damaged jewellery.
  • Providing you with quotations that are accurate and reliable from qualified people.
  • Offering you a fast, efficient and professional “hassle” free service.
  • Presenting you with a large and extensive range of jewellery to better enable you to make your selection.
  • Manufacturing capabilities enabling you to have pieces designed and made to your specifications.
  • The expertise to answer all your questions, assess your needs and provide you with all the assistance you require.
  • Ensuring our prices are very competitive whilst maintaining quality and craftsmanship.
Contact us with your insurance queries:

Please contact us with all your insurance replacement and quotation questions and let us assist you. We will provide a prompt, private and confidential response.

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